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Age Of War 3

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Untitled-3If you are a fan o f Age of War 1 and 2, it is impossible for you to miss the new Age of War 3. Age of War 3 is a strategy game that you are required to fight alien invaders. Players start off in Stone Age period with only a base and limited money. Players have to think before spending this money upgrading the building and turrets so that they can both create powerful units that defend effectively. The Age of War 3 has four levels of difficulties; insane, hard, normal and easy. Whichever level you choose you must defeat the aliens to survive. Money is the key to success in this game; players have to accumulate money first with gatherers. Gatherers have the ability to transform water to money.
Money is used to build defense turrets to protect your base. Besides building the defense turrets, you have to build offensive unit to attack the invading aliens. The offensive units are built by creating infantry tent and then selecting the base. During each battle you face, players have to be keen on information about the units involved. Some units are great in defending particular units and this is what you have to adapt to. Example; Melee units are best shield when the attack is launched from a distant and when your units are knocked down; you turn to your experience points. These points will help you evolve or launch a new attack. Every time you evolve, your unit becomes more powerful and gets a new base alongside other advanced buildings. Each age has its own special attack and upgrading your unit also improves your troops’ power and their weapons. This game has excellent sound and easy to play. The main controller used in Age of War 3 is the mouse. Get your game today and enjoy it.